Chef Yoshizumi is a strong believer in making sure the food he serves represents the
waters he is surrounded by. Only the freshest and best ingredients, prepared with dedication, love, and passion, find their way to your plate.

The dining experience at Sushi Yoshizumi is upscale yet relaxed. A beautiful cypress
wood sushi counter welcomes you. Each course is explained in detail piece by piece,
as every nuance is revealed. Whether an Edomae novice or sushi foodie, we hope you will leave with a feeling of euphoria.

Chef Yoshi

Born in Hyogo, Japan in 1969.

Those who know him will tell you Yoshi is a sushi "geek" with a deep passion for and dedication to the craft of sushi.  After graduating university in Kyoto, Yoshi's journey into the world of sushi began. He moved to San Francisco in 1996, and, after working at a couple of restaurants in San Francisco, he moved to New York City.

While there, he worked at renowned New York Times’ 4-Star restaurant, "Hatsuhana Sushi," where he learned the fundamentals of Edomae Sushi.

After returning to San Francisco, Yoshi began looking for a place he could delve deeper into the world of Edomae Sushi.  However, he continued to find himself unsatisfied with the California style of sushi that was prevalent. In 2004, his passion led him back to Tokyo in search for a true sushi master.  While in Tokyo, he met a number of sushi masters, and came to realize that his skill was not at the level he wanted it to be.  He continued his trips to Tokyo for 10 years, eventually meeting a true Edomae Sushi master, Takumi Okabe. Okabe-san’s 45 years of experience in Edomae Sushi was beyond anything Yoshi had expected.

Yoshi was about to demonstrate his passion for Edomae Sushi and was finally permitted to become an apprentice under Okabe-san in the true Edomae spirit.  While there, he learned that Edomae sushi requires great passion and a lot of patience to learn, and mastering it is only possible for the truly dedicated.

From 2007 until 2014,Yoshi worked as the Executive Sushi Chef at the award-winning restaurant "Umami" in San Francisco.  Upon acquiring a restaurant space in downtown San Mateo, he began renovations, working closely with a Japanese carpenter.   In the spring of 2015, Sushi Yoshizumi finally opened.

At Sushi Yoshizumi, guests can enjoy Yoshi’s expertise in authentic Edomae sushi techniques, learned from a real Edomae Sushi master and refined through years of experience.