Sushi Yoshizumi

Sushi Yoshizumi serves the carefully crafted omakase menu of Chef Akira Yoshizumi. Chef Yoshizumi’s passion and dedication is evident in his tasting menu. With ingredients sourced both domestically and internationally, he crafts a special tasting menu rooted in his own style of Edomae Sushi, learned in Tokyo from his sushi master.

We require all guests entering our restaurant to provide government-issued proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (at least two doses).  Proof of Vaccination shall be provided in the form of vaccination cards, photos of vaccination cards, QR codes, or digital records. There are no exceptions to this requirement. Please understand that this policy is for the safety and health of all our guests.

Our standard omakase menu price is $295, which is subject to change in the future in accordance with prevailing market prices.

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